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Welcome to our homepage. If you wanna e-mail us, you can do it at: hanayorianime@usa.net.

Our specialty is shoujo (girls') anime and anything else that's cute. Oh, we also like stuff with beautiful men.

Our debut title was Mahoujin Guru Guru movie (shounen, but cute). It was coupled with Team Abcb's Akachan to Boku 1-2 (definitely shoujo), which all of us worked on in some way or another. For a list of other titles we've finished or are currently working on, please take a look at our Projects page.

To trade with us, please e-mail us. Our library? It's in the AWest page. We can trade either in SVHS or VHS.

- Announcements -

  • Long time no update. Since ftp-ing files (like this index page) is too much of a hassle, we'll have updates on the web board.
  • Don't mind that "announcement in May" thing. We thought it over, and decided to forget the idea.
  • A new distributor for you all: Hitokiri's Fansub Haven. Actually, the tapes are being shipped off to her today, so she should have Mahoujin Guru Guru 1-4 and Yazawa Ai Collection ready for distro by the end of this week.
  • We're also working on a few more distributors. Too bad we don't have new titles for them distribute ^_^
  • Whoa, we haven't updated in over a month? The time sure does fly by really quickly (^_^;;)
  • Either the SVHS machine is messed up (most likely), or the Hana Yori Dango movie & the Yazawa Ai Collection master tapes are getting worn out. Basically, we have bumpy video, and we don't know what to do with the 3 final requests for them. E-mail us to find out your request status, okay? (you know who you are)
  • We'll have some important announcements sometime in May. Well, nothing from a fansubber is that important *laugh*
  • Oh my gosh! We haven't updated this page in years! Sorry sorry. Many apologies to come... Let's go!
  • Sorry #1: For those who requested tapes from mini-distro, they are coming to you. We're out of tape spine labels, and we were too busy trying to print some more out. If we send the tapes w/o the spine labels, they'll be coming later.
  • Sorry #2: If you've been writing to us... hahaha *sweatdrop* we haven't checked that addy in a while. We will catch up!
  • Sorry #3: We will be closing down the mini-distro. Maybe it'll go up someday, but very unlikely. We're looking for people who'd like to distribute for us. If you have a SVHS machine & a few stereo (Hi-Fi) VCRs & a lot of time, please e-mail us. If you also know of a good distributor you'd like to recommend, please let us know.
  • We saw a Kukuri! And she actually won a prize! And some in the audience recognized her! Wow... *^_^*
  • Happy New Year!
  • We added a new forum in our web board... for errors in HYA subs. If you spotted errors, please write in. And when we get off our lazy butts, we'll fix the problems.
  • And we finally added some things to our Japan Trip 99 page. More will be added. Sana-chan refuses to make comments. She's starting FF8 all over again (we can't find the memory card that had her game on it).
  • We also added Akachan to Boku 1-2 + Mahoujin Guru Guru movie to our mini-distro list. We didn't realize we forgot to put that on our list!
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