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How to get our titles?

You can either trade with us, or get them from various fansub groups and distributors.

- Trade Stuff -

  • SVHS to SVHS preferred.
  • If you are not looking to get a SVHS copy (master or 1st gen) or a VHS master, please request from Meke Meke or request from our mini-distribution (see below).
  • We will only trade titles we've worked on (until our library expands). See our projects page for a list of titles we have completed.
  • SVHS tapes used: Fuji H471ST & Fuji bulk SVHS tapes. If you prefer some other type, please let us know.
  • VHS tapes used: VHS tapes ordered from PTS.
  • We will trade with individual collectors, not just other fansub groups. We'd love to see other shoujo titles that are out there.
  • Please e-mail hanayorianime@usa.net with the title you want, your trade list (or url), and anything else that's relevant.

- Our Want List -
  • Akazukin Cha Cha 17 + (prefer subbed)
  • Glass no Kamen OVAs (prefer subbed)
  • Gokinjo Monogatari TV 1 + (prefer subbed, off LD)
  • Hana Yori Dango TV 1 + (subbed, SVHS)
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1+ (subbed, SVHS)
  • Kodomo no Omocha 21 + (will wait for KodoCha Anime & Friends of Sana to finish this)
  • Saiyuuki OVA 1-3 (any form)
  • Yuukan Club [Leisure Class Club] movie 1 & 2 (any form)
any form = raw Japanese OK (un-subbed); VHS OK; picture quality - viewable without making us blind OK; TV broadcast OK

- Distribution -

Sorry, we needed to close mini-distribution down. We're swamped with our non-fansubbing lives. Hopefully we can get back to subbing soon.

- Others -

Other fansub groups, distributors, and individuals who have our titles:
Hitokiri's Anime Haven GuruGuru 1-4
Yazawa Ai Collection
SVHS 1st gen
SVHS 1st gen
Team Abcb GuruGuru movie
GuruGuru 1-4
SVHS Master
SVHS Master
very limited SASE
Ventura Anime GuruGuru movie
GuruGuru 1-4
SVHS 1st gen
in progress
club showings
Neko Creations Fake
GuruGuru movie + HanaYoriDango movie
GuruGuru TV 1-4
Tenshi Nanka ja Nai movie + Gokinjo Monogatari movie
SVHS Master
SVHS Master
SVHS Master
SVHS Master
trade only
Friends of Sana GuruGuru movie
HanaYoriDango movie + Fake
GuruGuru 1-4
Tenshi Nanka ja Nai movie + Gokinjo Monogatari movie
SVHS Master
SVHS Master
SVHS Master
in progress
trade only?
convention showing
Blackdeath Studios GuruGuru movie + HanaYoriDango movie SVHS 1st gen reimbursement distro
trade, club showings
Peter (individual) GuruGuru movie SVHS 1st gen trade only?

- Conventions -

Conventions (big and small) that we hope in getting stuff we worked on shown.
Otakon GuruGuru 1-2 + Tenshi Nanka ja Nai July 2-4, 1999 Baltimore, MD (USA)
Anime Expo GuruGuru 1-2 + Tenshi Nanka ja Nai July 16-18, 1999 Los Angeles, CA (USA)
ShoujoCon Gokinjo Monogatari movie July 2000 NY (USA)

- Tape Spine Labels -

We're providing spine labels, since Meke Meke Distribution hasn't had time to make them... and we were making labels for ourselves anyway.

Please send a SASE (legal size) to:

    Hana Yori Anime
    PMB PO Box 25-2324
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
SASE means: "Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope"
You write your name & address on the "SEND" section of the envelope, and put a 33 cent stamp on it. Then you put it in another envelope and send it to the above address.

Please include a note stating which labels (GuruGuru movie, Fake, and/or HYD movie) you would like to receive. You can also specify color or laser (black & white). If no preference is noted, we will send you the color version.

You DO NOT have to pay for the labels. They're really cheap, so we're not going to starve ^_^ Plus we'd like you to have tapes with beautiful labels.

6/12/99 Update: Please add PMB (private mail box) to the address above. It's a new law in effect, as of April '99, which we didn't know about.