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  • We have a web board up! It may take a little getting used to, but please give it a try. It's set up so you don't have to be registered to read & post.
  • Ugh! The holiday season is the worst time to go to the post office! But we will still take requests for the mini-distro. Just be aware that packages may take some time to arrive... Or it could be us, unwilling to go through the crowd.
  • We're going to begin revamping the anime guys page. If you want to suggest a bishounen or voice your opinion, e-mail us at or...
  • Chat with us! We're on the server, #hanayorianime channel. Not familiar with IRC? Some information provided here.
  • Project Update: We test ran GuruGuru #5. Looks pretty good. Yamabuki will begin wav-translating #6 while Kaoru & Sana edit #5.
  • Mini-Distro is back to its regular (still slow) speed, since we stole another VCR from friends. Please go to get daze! for info on requesting.
  • Now that Sana-chan is all settled down at a permanant home, we might start working on the Japan Trip 99 page. How long has it been?
  • Project Announcement: GuruGuru #5 has been timed & translated! We'll start editing & fine tuning the timing as soon as we help Sana-chan move.
  • Pokemon + eBay = insanity? Happy Birthday Pikachu cards are going for $300-$400. Burger King toys are going for a lot too. All Sana-chan wants is the talking Pikachu... All Yamabuki wants is the light-up Mew... All Kaoru-chan wants is Togepy... (Not that we're begging)
  • The AWest page hasn't been updated in a while, but we worked on Detective Conan: Time-Bombed Skyscraper the other day. It's being edited as we speak.
  • SVHS machine is still broken, so mini-distro is going to really slow down. For those who sent sob stories... OK. We feel your pain (or your younger sister's). We'll process your requests first! (j/k, folks who've been waiting weeks for a response will mail-bomb us)
  • On the commercial company front, Kare-Kano has been acquired by Right Stuf! Another shoujo title has been picked up. A shoujo title can have mass appeal. Because Kare-Kano anime was so popular, even guys in their teens and twenties are buying Lala in Japan.
  • And let's support anime in general. Go see Mononoke Hime! We went to the Westwood Premiere, but since that was free, we're going to go again... take our money, Disney!
  • Have you been collecting Pokemon toys at Burger King? "I want a talking Pikachu!" (--Sana) "If you get a Mew, it's mine." (--Yamabuki) "Why do I keep getting the ugly ones?" (--Kaoru)
  • Has anyone started watching "Koori no Sekai," starring our boyfriend, Takenouchi Yutaka? Sana-chan frantically called Kaoru-chan and Yamabuki... yelling, "Takenouchi is on the international channel, and HE'S TOPLESS!"
    "Koori" is a dual-release (being released in Japan & the US at the same time), so it's un-subbed. But who needs subtitles when Takenouchi is topless on the screen?
  • We're slowly working on the Japan Trip page. Nothing is up yet, but we may start teasing with some pictures.
  • When you e-mail us a request for mini-distro, please remember to include all of the information that is listed on the Get Daze! page. Also, one of our SVHS machine needs to be fixed, so we will slow down the mini-distro until we, borrow.. some VCRs from friends.
  • Well, it looks like we finally have time to run masters of Gokinjo Monogatari movie and Tenshi Nanka ja Nai movie. It will be shipping out to Friends of Sana, for those of you on the other side of the Atlantic. Thanks for waiting so long!
  • We will also be adding Yazawa Ai Collection tape (Gokinjo and Tenshi movies) to our mini-distro. And we will be removing KodoCha 13-16 & 17-20 from the mini-distro list, since we know we'll get a bunch of requests for Yazawa Collection for the time being.
    Note: If you've requested the Yazawa Collection before, there is no need to e-mail another request again. Sorry you had to wait so long to get them.
  • Japan Trip? We'll have the first round of photos next week. Promise!
  • Important News: We had some problems with the Mahoujin Guru Guru 1-4 masters. Apparently, the LDs are in mono, and we were running masters in stereo... which means, if you have a stereo TV or some fancy AV set-up, you would be hearing all the sounds from one channel, and only the background sound from the other. (Thank you Mike M. for pointing this out. We'll give you free stuff, so e-mail us back)
    Until we fix it, please watch GuruGuru on a mono TV ^_^
  • Project Update (!!!): Yes, that's right. We actually have some updates on our projects. Mitsukake sent us the timed scripts of Akachan to Boku #3 AND #4. Thank you, Mitsukake!! Someone's actually been working, while others have been... drooling over Kilik.
  • And we're also getting in touch with the folks of ShoujoCon, which is an anime convention for people like us! We're hoping we can get our projects shown there... and maybe we can participate by getting on panels too. We'll keep you updated when we find out more about it.
  • Sorry, we haven't worked on the Japan Trip Report nor the Give-Away page yet. Soon. We promise.