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How to IRC, HYA Style

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This is a brief explanation on how to get on IRC. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at There are other webpages that explain the IRC stuff in detail. When we find those pages, we'll put links up here too.

PC users:
  • Download mirc from the directions there. If you don't have Win95 or Win98, check to see if you can use the 32-bit version or not. If you don't know, ask your local Tech-Guy.
  • After mirc is installed, it should give you the Connect window. If not, go to File, then Options. That should put you in the Connect window.
  • Click on Add.
    Description can be anything. Put "Hana Yori Anime Chat," if you'd like.
    IRC Server:
    The rest, you can ignore. Click on Add button to add the server location.
  • Enter your information.
    Full Name can be anything. If you don't want people to know your real name, put something else instead. First names usually do the trick.
    E-mail Address can be anything also. Just keep it in the format.
    Nickname is what you want to be known as in the wonderful world of IRC. Pick your favorite anime character. Or first names are cool too.
    Alternative another nickname, just in case your first choice is taken by someone else on the server.
  • Click on Connect to IRC server! button. That will connect you to the server.
  • A window should pop up when you are connected. It will have a list of different channels you can join, but #hanayorianime is not listed in there. To add it, type #hanayorianime in the box and push Add.
  • Click on Join in the same window, and you should be in the #hanayorianime channel.
  • You can also join the channel by typing /join #hanayorianime.

    Mac users:
  • Download ircle.
  • We're not mac users, so we'll have to look it up first. More info to come!

    Linux users:
  • Hey, if you're a linux user, you should know how to get on IRC. Use X-Chat.

    Hope to see you there!