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Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! movie
I am THE Shiratori Reiko! movie

45 minute movie
video cassette; LaserDisc ?

Based on the manga by SUZUKI Yumiko (Kodansha Comics Kiss, Kodansha).
There are a total of 7 volumes available, plus 5 more for the "Shin Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!" (The NEW Shiratori Reiko!)
Also inspired a live-action movie and a live-action TV series.

Reiko is a beautiful, wealthy, and talented young woman. Everybody believed she doesn't go to the restroom, she never farts, and most certainly she would never fall for a plain, ordinary guy.. Or so she believed.

Reiko secretly liked Tetsuya, but her pride never let her tell him how she felt. She follows (stalks?) him to Tokyo, enters the same college, takes the same classes.. but she cannot admit to saying that she likes Tetsuya. In fact, whenever anyone questions her about it, she points her nose up in the air, laughs, and says everything opposite of what she feels.

Yamabuki: She sounds like a b**ch, but that summary above isn't the whole picture. Reiko-san gets into her own little world and fantasizes herself in a beautiful movie scenario. She's a little nutty, but I like the stalker in her.
Suzuki-sensei always has a nutty, stalking female lead, and it's really hard to hate them. I love her newest series, "Kanna-san, Daiseikou desu!" (Kanna-san, It's a Success!), which is about a fat, ugly woman who gets a full-body plastic surgery. Kanna-san is now beautiful, but she can't get out of her ugly-person mode... she can't ignore those who ask for help, she stands up for other fat, ugly women, she's not used to getting special treatment for being beautiful... but I'm going off on a tangent.

Sana-chan and Kaoru-chan's comments coming soon.. maybe.