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Kashou no Tsuki movie
Moon of the Firey Night

2 part OVA series (30 mins each)
VHS only (SPE Visual Works: SVWV-7003 & SVWV-7004, 5,600 yen / $63 each)
bonus - Kagetsu & Arimasa postcard

Based on the manga by HIRAI Mari (Hana to Yume Comics, Hakusensha). Currently there are 5 volumes. 2 CD-drama, and OVA soundtrack also available.

Kagetsu is a member of a feline tribe, who at age 60 becomes a male or female depending on his "mate." (we'll call him a "he," since he calls himself "boku") One snowy day, Kagetsu approaches Tsuchimikado Arimasa, a priest/shaman, and tells him that he would like to bear his children...

The 2-part OVA is from one of the story arcs, Aki Kyogen (Autumn Threat), of the manga.

The kage-musha of the Shogun is attacked by a man in a dark robe and a gold-haired panther. The shogun accuses Arimasa of conspiring to kill him, and Arimasa and Kagetsu escape into the mountains.

Individual comments coming soon.. maybe.