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Mahoujin Guru Guru movie
Magical Circle Guru Guru

Hana-Ani logo for Mahoujin
Guru Guru 30 min movie
LaserDisc (Sony Music Entertainment: SRLD-1875, 5,800 yen / $75)
extra tracks - karaoke version of TV series OP & ED songs; music video of movie OP song; TV clips summary special 1 & 2.
bonus - Nike/Kukuri masks

Based on the manga by ETO Hiroyuki (GanGan Comics, Enix). Currently there are 10 volumes. Illustration postcard set; PSX game; TV series; CD singles, albums, and soundtracks also available.

another Hana-Ani logo for Mahoujin
Guru Guru Story:
Nike, the hero, and Kukuri, the mage, learn about a special item called the "Pickle of Happiness," which grants any wish desired. They go off to Mt. Megalo in search of the dragon who holds the Pickle. Along the way they fight monsters; meet a priestess named Juju; fight more monsters; cast some GuruGuru...

The story is a spoof of the Dragon Quest series (a Role-Playing Game made by Enix on Nintendo platforms).

The opening song is written (music & lyrics) by the manga author himself. He's a part-time DJ.

Individual comments coming soon.. maybe.