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Mahoujin Guru Guru TV
Magical Circle Guru Guru

45-episode TV series (22 mins each)
LaserDisc Box Set (Sony Music Entertainment)
extra tracks - Pilot/Demo clip; English trailer; CM clips; "LD Box & Movie" Boat Party
bonus - poster, paper doll set, telephone card

Based on the manga by ETO Hiroyuki (GanGan Comics, Enix). See the movie summary page for more info.

300 years ago, Evil Lord Giri summoned monsters to attack the Kodai Kingdom. King Ulga III fought back using White Magic, but Giri's Black Magic was too powerful. The Kodai Kingdom asked help from a tribe that used Black Magic for good, and the tribe succeeded in sealing Giri.
300 years have passed, and the seal has been broken. What will be the fate of the world...?

Nike, who's parents believe he's the legendary hero, goes on a journey with Kukuri to fight the Evil Lord Giri.

The story is a spoof on the Dragon Quest RPG series. The TV series follows the story of the manga in the first season, then the rest of the series is a TV original. But the original creator had a lot of input in the TV series, so the story quality isn't horrible.

Individual comments coming soon.. maybe.