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Hana-Ani opening logo for Fake 60 min OAV
Video Cassette only (Columbia: COVC-??, 12,800 yen, rented)

Based on the manga by MATOH Sanami (Be-Boy Comics, Biblos).
Currently there are five volumes.

CD-drama available, with the same voice actors.

Ryo and Dee are NYPD detectives. They take a vacation to a remote town in England, where they get involved in a murder case after they find a dead body floating in the lake near the hotel they're staying at.

Based on one of the storylines that ran in the manga, the OAV adds some extra characters (Alyssa & Cindy) and explains Ryo and Dee's relationship by flashbacks. The story itself is not much of a murder mystery (well, none of them are).

Fake is a shounen-ai manga, which is a genre that depicts two males in homosexual relationships. Unlike June (pronounced joo-nay) or yaoi, shounen-ai rarely shows the two having sex. In the OAV, Dee and Ryo don't get any further than (french) kissing.. to the disappointment of Dee (and Yamabuki).

Please note that while shounen-ai may appeal to the LGBT community, because the genre is targeted towards straight young females, the relationships depicted tend to be stereotypical and highly idealized. Fake is actually one of the better shounen-ai titles available that doesn't over-stereotype gay relationships.

Yamabuki - obviously, this is one of my favorite titles. Fake was the first shounen-ai manga that I bought, and it just sucked me into the world of shounen-ai/yaoi fandom.
If you're interested in the manga, take a look at Stella's Page. She has summaries of each volume, scans of the covers, and some scans of the manga pages.

Comments by Sana-chan and Kaoru-chan coming soon... maybe.

Seiyuu Information:
Dee Raidner Seki Tomokazu also known for:
Van (of Escaflowne)
Chichiri (of Fushigi Yuugi)
Ken (of WeiB Kreuz)

Ryo McLain Hida ? also known for: