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 PUNCH! 1998 TV series
30 min each (with two 15-min stories)
Video Cassette only

Probably many other merchandises are available. We have a few plastic figures that came in candy boxes.

Bai-Bai-Kin! A hero named Anpan-man, who's head is made out of anpan (bread filled with red-bean paste), fights against Baikin-man (Bacteria-man) and his assistant Dokin-chan. Whenever Anpan-man is in trouble (every story), his other hero friends help him save the day.

It's a children's show (ages 0-5), so the plot is always the same. Baikin-man comes up with new ideas to ruin someone's day. Then Anpan-man steps in to stop him, but his head becomes deformed while fighting. When his head is deformed, he loses his super powers.. so Mr. Jam, the baker, has to make a new head for him. While Mr. Jam is baking, other super heros (Shokupan-man, CurryPan-man, MelonPan-na, etc) help out.

The funniest part (in our opinion) is when Anpan-man offers a part of his head to a child who just happens to be lost and hungry. "Here, have a piece of me!"

HanaYoriAnime - Thank you for those who have written to us expressing interest in Anpan-man! It's great to know that there are anime-fans who share their interest with their kids.. and we're not the only crazy ones who like the show.

Individual comments coming soon.. maybe.