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  • Well, we're back. It was hot & humid in Japan, but it was fun! We have a lot to talk about... okay, it's not up yet, but a premature link to the Japan Trip! (By having this up, we'll be forced to work on the page... & not flake like the AX99 report)
  • We also got a bunch of goodies from Japan that we plan on giving away! How to get them? We'll have more details later, but it'll be "How Well do You Know HYA?" stuff.
  • Speaking of which... Anime Guys page & About HYA page will be down while we re-vamp them... and so you can't cheat ^_^
  • Mini-distro is back up again. We're serving fan #4 right now. We may (or may not) send you an e-mail letting you know the approximate date we will accept your request.
  • Mini-distro is closed, while we prepare for our trip to Japan. Yes, it's HYA in Japan! So all subbing will be on hold, since none of us will be around. See you in mid-September!
    • We're back from SDCC.
      We didn't get to see as many beautiful cosplayers, but SDCC sure has higher quality men than AX. shota-kon Yamabuki loved all the cute young boys there... Morrigan got a date... Kaoru-chan, as usual, just bought up every single Kenshin item that was there. ("Kenshin is my only love") And Sana-chan missed it all.
    • We made a new friend at SDCC. Aoi is a doujinshi artist. She drew us lovely sketches too.. We'll post them when we find the time to scan them all in.
    • People requesting tapes through our mini-distro... Please don't forget to write a little bit about yourself. We like to know why you like shoujo anime, what titles you like, your favorite bishounen, etc ^_^ And we also like cute guys who send in pictures of themselves cosplaying too. *wink*
    • And those who saw Guru Guru at Otakon/AX and loved it, thank you for writing! We're motivated to get more episodes out now.
    • Last thing... We will also distribute Lesson XX + Fish in the Trap OVAs. Both are shounen-ai stories. ("Everyone needs a little shounen-ai in their lives" --Yamabuki)
    • We're off to San Diego for SD ComiCon. This time we'll keep an eye out for beautiful male cosplayers (We were too busy at AX to appreciate them all).
    • Mini-distribution will be on hold until Monday, August 16. You can still e-mail with requests, and we'll get back to you next week.
    • And finally... We're done with the Gokinjo Monogatari movie! The YAZAWA Ai compilation tape, which includes the Tenshi Nanka ja Nai movie and the Gokinjo movie, is available for trade. Please e-mail if you are interested.
    • We've been getting a lot of e-mail about GuruGuru, especially from people who saw it at Otakon. Since it looks like people are having a hard time getting a copy, we've decided to try mini-distribution. Details are on the get-daze! page.
    • Have you seen the Fangirl's Arsenal page? It was featured on Anipike's Last Exit Before Toll column. Clever. Hilarious. Cute. And oh-so-real!
    • But then again, we were lusting after various cosplayers. So... we will be adding a Guide To Beautiful Cosplayers section in the anime guys page. Stay tuned!
    • Ack! Long time no update. Well, like we said in the AWest page, we've been busy with AX. We sewed 7 costumes this year. We lost so much sleep... but they were beautiful... Was it worth it? Of course
    • We wanted to write up an AX99 review... of course rating the men & boys who were there. Maybe we'll find the time to write one up.
    • Akachan to Boku is back on track. We have 2 people wav-timing #3-8. Thanks for your help, Mitsukake-sensei & "girlie who needs to pick a nickname" *laugh*
    • We know we have to update the anime guys page... We have much more to add. And newer opinions & comments...
    • Okay, back to work on Gokinjo...