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  • Added Kashou no Tsuki and Mahoujin Guru Guru TV in the summary page.
  • We sent off our tapes to Otakon & AnimeExpo programming committees! If we don't finish Gokinjo Monogatari fast enough, Otakon might be the Tenshi Nanka ja Nai premiere
    For AX, we plan on having a "room showing" like Ventura Anime & Team Abcb. Hopefully we'll have Kashou, Gokinjo, Anpan-man done by then.
  • Folks across the Atlantic: Friends of Sana should be getting GuruGuru 1-4 real soon. Drop by their club showings!
  • Our FIRST contest! We'll be giving away the Otakon master tape (SVHS), which will include GuruGuru 1-2 & Tenshi Nanka ja Nai (may change without notice).
    The Rules:
    • You must attend Otakon in costume. Yes, we mean cos-play.
    • In order to prove that you were in costume, please send us a photo of you cos-playing, and another one of you NOT in costume (just to make sure you're not taking a picture of a random person attending Otakon).
    • Write on a 8x11 paper: your name, your mailing address, and your e-mail address.
    • Send the 2 pictures with the 8x11 paper to:
      Hana Yori Anime
      PMB PO Box 25-2324
      Los Angeles, CA 90025
    • Deadline: Friday, August 20, 1999
    • The tape (quantity = 1) will be given to best of the selection, to be decided by Kaoru-chan, Sana-chan, and Yamabuki. If you want to know what we like, you can e-mail us... but it helps to throw in a bishounen or two on the side (if you're not one yourself). Depending on the number of photos entered, we may send 1st gen VHS copies to a few others.
    Please note that SVHS tapes will not run on a normal VHS machine. But if you plan on trading or distributing in good to high-quality, consider getting a SVHS machine. And the Otakon tape can be something to start off your collection.
  • We started editing Gokinjo... movie. We're constantly distracted from sitting down to do massive editing.
  • Good news to Akachan to Boku fans! (BTW, did you all read the article on Aka-Boku in Anime News Network?) Mitsukake-sensei will be doing the prelim timing for all the episodes that were translated... oh, more than a year ago. We got the original soundtrack of Aka-Boku during the big blow-out sale at UCI, so we're ready for the usual (long) translation notes too.
  • Wow... long time no update.
  • Yay! We got our Gokinjo.. LD. We really want to get the Yazawa Ai compilation tape out ASAP, so we'll make that our priority. It'd be nice to show one of them at Otakon or AX.. or both. (we're greedy)
  • Speaking of Otakon... it looks like we might be able to show GuruGuru TV 1 & 2. We're really pushing it, since it has a gag that's just perfect for conventions. The script will be altered slightly, just for Otakon.
    We will also be GIVING OUT the Otakon master tape (SVHS), here.. on this page. We'll come up with a small, contest... rules will be posted here, June 1st.
  • Yamabuki is really itching to work on Kare-Kano. "Fufufufufu... If I work on this, all the fans will be obsessed with Hana-Ani, and we can take over the world!" (Kaoru whacks Yamabuki, who is in Yukino-mode, with a slipper)
  • BTW, someone posted on TAFML asking what Kashou no Tsuki is about. Ohmigosh! We totally forgot to add that to our summaries page, huh? We'll have it up by the end of this week. Promise.
  • It's been a slow around here... for subbing projects.
  • We watched the first four episodes of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou. It's so cute & sweet! Yamabuki highly recommends the manga.
    We'd love to work on this series, but we really have too many other things to do. If noone else works on it, we'll consider it.
  • Anyone else go to the UCI Bookstore (alt.ant) blow-out sale? We went... and spent a lot of money, but Kaoru-chan couldn't be any happier, now that she has her own life-size Kenshin poster. (*whisper* "She's crazy" "Yep, she is" *whisper*)
  • We're terribly hooked on two N64 party games... Mario Party & Smash Bros. No wonder we get nothing done.
  • We're gonna be revamping the anime guys page real soon. We're hoping to add comments from other lovely women of AWest.
  • Another convention update. We may have stuff shown at Otakon! We'll give you more details when we hear more about it. Unfortunately, we won't be attending that convention... but we will be at AX!
  • Kashou no Tsuki #2 is being timed & translated. #1 needs massive editing work. "This is the hardest translation work I've ever done!" --Yamabuki
  • While Yamabuki slaves over Kashou..., SD Eva-kun is timing Mahoujin Guru Guru #5, which is a pain in the *** too. (it averages 350 lines per 23-min episode -- which means nothing to the non-fansubber, but believe us, it's painful)
  • And we're working on getting Gokinjo... done, so shoujo fans can get the YAZAWA Ai compilation tape.
  • With so much work, who has time to update webpages?
  • Translation and preliminary timing of Kashou no Tsuki OVA #1 is done! If Yamabuki's sound card worked correctly, we shouldn't have to re-time it like we did with Mahoujin Guru Guru TV series... And we'll have both parts of the OVA out by June 99.
  • We've been neglecting the anime guys too long. Our bad. We'll be adding a few more beautiful men (boys from WeiB Kreuz, etc) in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
  • A new project: Mahoujin Guru Guru TV series!
    It's a 45 episode TV series, and we've already finished 1-4. Please e-mail us to trade.
    MekeMeke Distribution should get it within a week.
  • We also did a test run of Gokinjo Monogatari movie. A copy was given to Morrigan for editing. Hopefully we'll have this done in a month.
  • "Kenshin is smiling again!" --Kaoru-chan