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Kyushuu Boys

Ah, the boys of Kyushuu.
There was a really beautiful boy at the train station in Sasebo. He had bleached hair... and was rather pale for a boy from Kyushuu, so he might have been happa. Or he just pale and had hazel colored contacts.
And the most important thing... his eyebrows were... perfect looking!
To the cute guy at Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park: Do you like babies? Let's have some!
I didn't get to see him. I was too embarrassed to go stalking around him in the museum. We do have a partial picture of him. My uncle took a picture of Sana-chan, and he was in the background. Sana-chan said he's really hot! But he left with his guy friend... Hmmmm.
Too bad I missed him. You guys were supposed to take pictures of all the pretty boys with plucked eyebrows for me! I stayed in Kyushuu for only one day *cry*

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