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Ko-gals of Shibuya

Those Shibuya girls... I was disconcerted. I was afraid that their skins would fall off from all the tanning products or the self-tanning chemicals they used.
What about the white hair? They looked like kabuki actors. Or shishi-mai... (lion costumes for festivals)
I bought those tall shoes. I wanted to get the long boots type, but they cost more than $100 *bleah*
You know a girl died after she fell backwards and hit her head. And another girl crashed her car because she couldn't step on the break pedal, and the passenger died.
That's a lovely story. Thanks for sharing... now I can sleep in peace. w/ my little shoes.
Hey! You always wear 3-inch heels... at least!
So I can be more than 5 feet tall.
SDEva saw a really tall girl wearing those tall shoes. So she was a head taller than her boyfriend. He thought it was funny-lookin'.

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